Clean Ghana Club’ to crack whip on sanitation

  • ‘Clean Ghana Club’ to crack whip on sanitation


Mr Prince Asiedu, Founder and President of ‘Clean Ghana Club’, has indicated that his noble group would assist the needed institutions to crack the whip on those who dump refuse at unauthorized places.

He said all efforts by the assembly to improve sanitation in the area is not working, hence people should be punished and held responsible for their acts, to serve as deterrent according to the bye-laws we have in the Country.

He warned that “Clean Ghana Club would push for anyone, caught dumping refuse at an authorized place or littering the streets to be punished.

Speaking to Journalists after a Clean-up exercise by the Clean Ghana Club in Koforidua, he noted that the Municipality continued to face huge challenges in managing both liquid and solid waste, adding that not even the presence of Zoomlion in managing waste in the area had yielded the expected results and called for concerted efforts to be able to tackle the issue holistically.

He said his group as a first step, through the assistance of Zoomlion will help distribute dust bins at vantage points throughout the area and intensify the clean up exercises, to ensure that everybody in the Municipality took part.

He also noted that, the sub-structures of the Assembly were very weak, especially the zonal councils, making it difficult for the Assembly to meet its revenue targets. He added that the role of the zonal councils were not felt, as well as in other areas such as sanitation, where they could mobilize the people to understand the need to adhere to the sanitation rules.

He appealed to the Assembly members, to support the agenda of making the sub-structures work according to purpose, to provide the enabling environment to enhance the citizens’ participation in governance and development.

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