Ecowas plans to bring back democracy to Mali

The minister for information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah says ECOWAS leaders arrived in Ghana to discuss Mali’s second coup which has destroyed a transition back to democracy.
The minister was speaking on kokrokoo on peace fm hosted by Kwame Sefa Kayi
Speaking on the issue at the meeting, the minister said at the end of the meeting the organization agreed on a road map that will lead to the restoration of democracy in Mali.
He said they agreed that ‘going back to Mali they should make sure that the prime minister they will appoint is a civilian.
The timeline that the ECOWAS gave them to organize elections by february 2022 will not be changed.
Mali has been suspended from the ECOWAS and will not enjoy any privileges nor rights enjoyed by member states.
ECOWAS will give Mali any help to ensure that the country restores its democracy’.
He added that ‘the leaders of the organization communicated with the French soldjiers’
The communication was important because the French have threatened to withdraw about 5000 of their soldjiers who have been deployed in the sahel region to fight against instability in the region if the ECOWAS isn’t serious about the issue’. Because of the frequent coups in the country there is no government in the country and that causes political instability in the country.
When he was asked wether or not colonel Assimi Goita attended the meeting he said, ‘yes’.
The minister admitted that the highest court in Mali has approved Assimi as interim president but he said, ‘in respect of the sovereignty of countries, the ECOWAS didn’t touch on the issue of his presidency but they insisted that there will be a civilian rule’.
The host, Kwame Sefa Kayi asked him if they trust colonel Assimi Goita who gave power to a civilian but Later overthrew him, he answered, ‘it is not a question of wether or not they trust him but rather a question of what the ECOWAS can do to make sure that the timeline given is respected’.
He continued to say that ‘the Mali issue disturbs us because it is not an instability in one country. The instability causes insurgence in Northern Part of Mali and across the sahel region and has reached Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigerians already have their own problems that they are trying to solve. So if defense and securities across West Africa sit in their countries unconcerned about the Mali
issue it will spread across West Africa. That is why Everybody has to be involved in the fight. We are happy that under the leadership of president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo he ensures that we come together to solve this problem’
On last week monday, soldjiers detained transition president Baw Ndaw and prime minister Moctar Ouane releasing them on thursday saying they had resigned but before last monday’s coup Colonel Assimi Goita led a coup in last august ousting democratically elected president


Writer Amaane Peter aka negus dread

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