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Get amazing discounts offers and save money on Afrobaskets

Indeed, there are many groceries stores online to shop on and with social distancing as the new mandated norm, shopping for groceries online is an increasingly compelling option all over the world, particularly in Ghana.

However, buying groceries online comes with extra cost such as delivery fees and peak-hour surcharges or slightly marked up. 

That is why many online stores in Ghana offer great discounts to their customers to help them save money. On Afrobaskets website for example, you can find many discount offers displayed all over the platform. 

From hot deals, free delivery, cashback offers, gift cards, promo codes, new user discounts and hampers, discounts on new arrivals, we introduce you to the best deals for saving money on Afrobaskets, the best online grocery in Ghana. 

Afrobaskets Hampers Promo

Ghanaians really love hampers. No wonder we know that supply baskets can be great gifts for family, friends, staff or clients. Therefore, it is no surprise that AfroBaskets has this option in its discount list. However, Hampers can cost an arm and leg, so getting a decent package at a good price can be very challenging. 

To help its customers benefit from the best and genuine hamper deals they can find on the market, the online grocery creates not less than five different Afrobaskets hampers. 

Women for example will be happy to receive the “Luxury Pamper” or the “Clean & Shave” hampers which contain beauty care products. 

The “Ladies hamper” which is a breakfast and romantic dinner basket (champagne, chocolate) will also please Afrobaskets female customers. 

Children like chocolate and candy, so offering them the “Kids happy basket” will be a great idea. A family always needs supplies for the month. Therefore, instead of letting them shop for expensive groceries and foodstuff at the market, you can choose to make them happy by sending them the “Obaatanpa” hamper. This particular one contains cooking essentials such as canned food, breakfast products, etc. 

There is a 10 % discount promo going on all Afrobaskests hampers now. Shop now to benefit.

Afrobaskets Gifts cards

If you do not know what type of groceries will please your loved one, you can offer them an Afrobaskets Gift Card. Very simple to use, it presents itself as a gift voucher that your beneficiary can use to buy groceries. There are 5 types of Gift card on the website : 

The 100 Ghc Afrobaskets Gift Card 

The 200 Ghc Afrobaskets Gift Card 

The 300 Ghc Afrobaskets Gift Card 

The 500 Ghc Afrobaskets Gift Card 

The 1000 Ghc Afrobaskets Gift Card 

Order for a gift voucher of 300, 500, 1000 GHC now and get free delivery. 

Afrobaskets Holidays discounts

Holiday discounts on Afrobaskets are about great offers and exclusive buying discount vouchers on the website.

Black Friday discounts are one of the most common discounts that are done all around the world by many online shops and on Afrobaskets, Black Friday discount is also a way to make you enjoy this special day with your loved ones. 


Thanksgiving is always a great moment to show your gratitude to your family, staff and friends. Enjoy unique discounts on Afrobaskests website every thanksgiving and use them to make your loved ones happy. 

Holiday Buying

Buying on holidays can be very interesting. Indeed, a lot of supermarkets and online grocery shops offer great holiday discounts and promo to their customers. On Afrobaskets for example, your holidays will turn into discounts days as you can benefit from many different types of discounts on the website. 

Afrobaskets Special Promo

Referral Code Promo

Afrobaskets referral code is a promo that will make your loved ones benefit from a 10 % discount the moment they sign up and make you benefit from a 10 % cashback in your AfroBaskets wallet at the same time.

Only for new users, the Promo is simple to activate. You just have to introduce your family and friends to the online grocery shop and share your referral code with them.

By ordering regularly on Afrobasket, you can benefit from some money returns on your total amount purchased. 

Want to benefit from 5% cashback now? Order on Afrobasket now and your cashback amount will be credited on your AfroBaskets wallet. Terms and conditions apply. 

Hot deal Promo

They are displayed on the AfroBaskets first page and are about the best “Low price products” that you can find on the platform. 

AfroBaskets special discounts

There are special discounts on some of the Afrobaskets products : 

5% discount on vegetables, fruits & meat 10 % discount on alcohol. 

Old customers will also benefit from a 10 % discount on their purchase. 

Order a fruits & vegetable basket now on AFrobasket.com to benefit from a great discount.

In other terms, if you are about to buy any product on the platform and you noticed, after your research, that the product price on AfroBaskets is a little bit higher than the competitors’ one, you can call the online grocery customer’s support to let them match the selected item price with the competitor’s one. Great, right?

However, it is important to mention that only a few Ghanaian competitors are involved in this discount.

Visit Afrobaskets website now and benefit from some great discounts!!

Source www.afrobaskets.com

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