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How to plan your monthly groceries?

Many people do not usually plan their monthly expenses in groceries. This load seems trivial for most of us. However, planning your groceries monthly is a great way to save money on your monthly budget and reduce your food budget. Whether you shop online or in a physical store, here are the steps to plan your monthly groceries.

1- First thing first, track what you spend monthly on groceries

If you do not have an idea of what you usually spend on food during a month, it will be hard for you to make a realistic grocery budget. You might actually spend more than you think on eating out and drinks.
To track your spending, start keeping all your receipts and bills. You can also use a spreadsheet, paper, and pencil or a Word document to divide your food expenses into itemized lists:
• Meat
• Fish
• Fresh produce
• Frozen meals
• Baking items, etc…
The key is to track EVERYTHING that you consume!

2- Create a monthly meal plan by planning a weekly menu

Being on a budget does not mean eating indomie every day in the name of saving money. You can still keep food enjoyable while living on a specified amount of money per month.
To avoid eating out and ordering in, start making every week a meal (start making a weekly meal plan) plan that will fit your needs. For that, ask yourself the following questions:
• What are my preferences for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
• Which quantity do I need to cook my favorite foods every week?
• What are the cheapest options?
Once, you answer the questions, you can start shopping accordingly. However, keep in mind that the best way to plan an enjoyable meal plan is to rotate your preferred meals throughout several weeks and months.
Just find something you will enjoy eating endlessly but do not forget to plan variety into your grocery list.

3- Utilize budget-friendly tools

Most of the time, we do not put good ideas into practice because we do not have time. If you are in that group, then start paying for a meal planning service. It might seem counterproductive, but the opposite is true if you choose the right service.
For cheaper fees, meal planner apps will give helpful tools like self-populating grocery lists, different diet versions, and hundreds of archive recipes so you can achieve your friendliest groceries budget every week.

4- Use coupons and discounts

Groceries often offer customers great coupons and discount deals. So, whenever you are shopping in a physical or online store, make sure to search for new offers! It will be a great way to make some savings on your monthly estimated budget.
Check your mails, your inbox, in-store, or even on a Google search to find appealing deals. Many popular apps can also help you track discounts and coupons.

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