My instinct was to back the Rastafarians Children says Kweku Baako

The editor in chief of the new crusading guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has said that his instinct was to back the Rastafarian children when the issue came up.
Speaking on today’s edition of kokrokoo on Peace FM, Kweku Baako said, ‘i am being honest with you, when i heard schools have rules, schools have traditions, it is true. We all attended secondary school. In fact, not just secondary schools but every school has rules. I thought of it during our time, i didn’t hear anything. Anyway, our time is past. I didn’t understand it, my instinct was to back the students, i said my instinct, instinct is not a substitute for science but it was a shared feeling. I thought this whole thing was being over blown. If they are Rastas and they come and misbehave then you can take action but the mere fact that they have dreadlocks so they can inspire other students to do same or something else of course i find it very difficult to appreciate the logic behind the school’s position that there are rules and regulations some of which do not allow one to grow their hair that way. I have to be honest i couldn’t reconcile myself with it. So base on my instinct, i don’t think it should be controversy. Now that the court has come in, the law has come in that is why i want to see how the law has strengthened my instinct and made it more solid. This is why i am chasing the judgement’
*The Appeal*
Commenting on the appeal Abdul Malik Kweku Baako described it as unimportant.
He said, ‘we have heard that the board of the school has made an appeal. We can’t say no to that. All we can say is perhaps what Kwamena, was alluding to. The Education Minister said they need bilateral decision. That is a good point because Achimota is under Ghana Education Service and for that matter Ministry Of Education has some role. So yes properly speaking there must be consultations.
The Board of governments has quite a strong role to play. I think they have something that defines their roles. I have to be honest with you as i am speaking, i haven’t sighted that document so if i say anything now it will sound ignorant. To be honest with you, left for me, the school should forget about the appeal and let us move on but since it is within their right you can’t attack it while they collaborate with the Education Ministry but if the Education Ministry disagrees with the school, it will bring all sorts of internal dynamics at the school’
When asked about the influence of their old students, Kweku Baako said, ‘no doubt it is a great school. The have produced people who are in high positions so you cannot underestimate the influence of their old boys and girls. Although they can pull strings here and there, it is so needless in my candid opinion’.

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Amaane Peter aka Negus dread.

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