Martha Daniels


Brief info

Martha Maree Daniels does not only strive for excellence but also seeks to change the face of entertainment in Ghana.
Typically, women in the entertainment industry are known for their looks, their relationships, and their professional endeavors…. often, unfortunately, in that order.

However, Martha though insanely gorgeous, proves that she indeed has a lot to offer which goes beyond her outward looks.

She’s a woman of substance who switches between her education and media works and does it so perfectly.

She is a fiercely ambitious lady whose versatility is evident in her ability to do anything relating to media works, from hosting on Radio and TV to events and acting – she could easily pass of as the nation’s versatile Goddess.

While not known as an actress like a lot of ladies in the movie industry (though she does that, too and not really her interest!), Martha has already carved a niche as being unique in her style and delivery.


Matha is a TV and radio personality

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